Stink be gone Room Freshener

My Husband LOVES this!


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I have used this wonderful spray on my coveralls in the winter after caring for our goats and

as easy  natural non-toxic replacement for room sprays that you find on the shelves.



4oz Glass Amber spray bottle ( Essential oils need arm glass to call home)

Add 5 drops of Young Livings Purification Essential Oil

Fill halfway with Witch hazel

Top off with filtered water

(Optional) A few drops of Vodka or Everclear (This helps disperse the Oil in the water)

(Optional) You may also add the Oils to Ebsom salt. (This will do the same thing the alcohol does)

Do a fabric test be fore use!


Add all to your Amber glass spray bottle and shake before each use and enjoy! My husband uses this as a

body spray…lol. He LOVES it!




Essential Oils on the Farm

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