I love my home made shampoo!

Although its not quite as sudsy as shampoo that you would find on the shelves, I adore it!

I use filtered water and Castile soap for the base and essential oils to stimulate my scalp

It smells GREAT!

Ive been using this recipe for almost an entire year, the original recipe i found online, I had to modify because the shampoo was way to runny for my taste.


I use a squeeze bottle and leave it in my shower.

Fill squeeze bottle  little over half way with castile soap then add 10 drops of Peppermint EO

Cedarwood EO, RoseMary EO, and Tea tree EO.

Shake before each use!


Note: Some people do not enjoy DIY projects… that case, Young Living has shampoo and conditioner that you can purchase!





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