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Hello! My name is Crystal and I am an independent distributor for Young Living Essential oils !

First let me mention that I am not an expert nor a doctor of any way shape or form. I am just a regular person with an inquisitive mind, the drive to become healthier, and am currently taking steps in my household to do so.

I have always been interested in plants! I have read many books and done a lot of research not only on edible plants but also plants that go hand in hand with the God given healthy function of our bodies. Did you know that our body reacts perfectly with essential oils because of the molecular structure of the constituents found in oils? THEY DO! They help support all body systems!

So here’s my story,

I got invited to go to a Young Living 101 and between the time that I attended that 101 to the time I purchased my kit (3 months to be exact) I did a ton of research on the different companies that offer Essential oils.

I chose Young Living for a few very important reasons:

1. Seed to Seal – As you see, we live on a farm and we are certified naturally grown. The seed to seal guarantee was very important for me and made Young Living stand out even further from the rest of the companies. Seed to seal simply means, that Young Living controls the plant from the preparation of the soil, planting the seed, harvesting, and distillation. THEN they send the oils off to be third party tested and approved! SERIOUSLY? This was a NO brainer for me when it came to choosing which company

If you have ever farmed organically without toxins, this alone would be the most important aspect of what you would choose to put into your body. Plus, you would understand the soil IS the plant. What feeds the plant makes the plant….kind of like what grandma used to say, you are what you eat. It’s SO true! You fuel your body with junk, then your body is going to react to that junk. If you fuel your body with good food, then your body will react to that good nourishment. Just go ask anyone who has a gluten intolerance what happens if they eat gluten. That’s the best analogy I can give you to explain how important it is what goes into the soil of plants. YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT.

Okay so……I got my kit which had 11 of Young Livings most popular oils in it, a diffuser, a roller, some “love it Share it” bottles, and some awesome samples. I was soooo overwhelmed! But guess what? During our wellness journey, we have replaced shampoo, conditioner, multipurpose cleaner, wood polish, dryer sheets, laundry detergent, lotion, candles, body soap, ect. So we replaced all toxic substances in our home using the oils!

Now this took some time and some crazy addictions I had to dryer sheets AND candles…lol

Yeah…..I had issues giving those up…haha BUT I started getting curious about all those big fancy words on the back of the boxes and bottles…..and you know what? That pushed me over the edge =) Go get your dryer sheets or household cleaner and google those words…..go….now.


Update: There are tools out there for you to use on the go and at home! Please take the time to check these out.

Watch STINK!!! . –> https://vimeo.com/118366400

Then Download the Think Dirty app and scan a few items in your house. –> https://www.thinkdirtyapp.com

After three months of using the oils out of the kit, I chose to sign up on Young Livings auto ship reward program and I began to get free stuff along with what I had been using in my home.

Fast Forward 2 years……yes, you read that right…..two years. I now use oils for EVERYTHING….and by EVERYTHING…I mean EVERYTING…HA! They support ALL body systems! Plus, I got lazy and started buying Young Livings home products, suppliments, and MORE.

I cannot imagine my life without them as they have been a HUGE IMPACT to our lives and the lives of others, and I just Thank God for them.

Welp, that’s my story and it as always is TBC…


In Gods wonderful love,

Crystal Stailey

Sponsor and enroller number, 2580919