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Young Livings Premium Starter Kit!

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The best way to learn how to use essential oils in your home is to buy Young Living Starter Kit. When you buy a Young Living Starter Kit you become a Wholesale Member and, starting on June 19, 2015, Young Living has introduced 4 great Young Living essential oil kit options. Never before have we had so many exciting kit choices! Once you are a Wholesale Member you will receive a 24% discount on all future Young Living essential oil purchases….not to mention the kit price for new members is already 35% off (if you wanted to buy Young Living at retail separately).

The Awesome PSK!


Young Living Diffuser-you get a choice between the Dewdrop Diffuser, Rain Stone Diffuser, Bamboo Diffuser or Aria Diffuser. I use the Drew Drop at the farm BUT I really want to try the Rain Stone!
Lavender Essential Oil 5 ml
Thieves Essential Oil 5 ml
Copaiba Essential Oil 5 ml
Purification Essential Oil 5 ml
DiGize Essential Oil 5 ml
Peppermint Essential Oil 5 ml
Frankinscence Essential Oil 5 ml
Lemon Essential Oil 5 ml
R.C. Essential Oil 5 ml
Panaway Essential Oil 5 ml
Stress Away Essential Oil 5 ml
10 Samples packets of essential oils which are perfect for traveling or your purse!
Ningxia Red sample packs so you can taste this Wolfberry blend for yourself.
Young Living Product Guide


Which Young Living Diffuser is best for you?

Young Living Diffuser: DEWDROP

Young Living’s Dewdrop™ Diffuser functions as a humidifier, atomizer, and aroma diffuser in one simple-to-use product. Inspired by the purity and elegance of a drop of morning dew, the Dewdrop Diffuser’s design reflects Young Living’s dedication to providing high-quality essential oils. Its ultrasonic technology breaks any mixture of essential oils and water into millions of microparticles, disperses them into the air, and releases the constituents found in Young Living essential oils. Custom designed with up to four hours of continuous run diffusion, automatic shut-off, and ambient light control, Young Living’s Dewdrop Diffuser can transform any space into a spa-like atmosphere.

Transform your surroundings: The ultrasonic frequency generates waves at 1.7 million times per second, releasing essential oil molecules into the air to help create a relaxing, spa-like atmosphere in your home or office.

Dimensions: 135 x 135 x 190mm
Young Living Diffuser: BAMBOO

The Bamboo Diffuser utilizes ultrasonic technology to break up the mixture of essential oils and water into extremely fine microparticles and disperses the ingredients in essential oils into the air. It provides an excellent method of calming and moisturizing to build a healthy, natural, and pure living environment.

Features include an LED light; an elegant, bamboo-inspired design; and timer settings for 1 or 4 hours of continuous diffusion. The diffused molecules cover up to 30 square meters. Dimensions: Height – approximately 25.2 cm Width – approximately 12.6 cm Depth – approximately 7.5 cm Special introductory pricing.
Young Living Diffuser: ARIA

he Aria™ diffuser is a unique, stylish way to bring the benefits of essential oils into your home. It features a solid American maple base and remote, glass dome to direct the essential oil vapor, relaxing multicolored LED lights and a selection of soothing, built-in sounds.

Dimensions: Height – approximately 165 mm tall (including diffusion nozzle), Circumference – approximately 686 mm, Diameter – approximately 216 mm


Young Living Diffuser: Rain Stone

Young Living’s Rainstone™ Ultrasonic Diffuser combines state-of-the-art ultrasonic technology and traditional Chinese craftsmanship with robust features, including up to 8 hours of diffusion, ambient light settings, a negative ionizer, and a remote control.


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